Your preferred
relief staff on call.
Without calling.

Stop the relief staff ring around.

Perfect for all
kinds of organisations.

If your business or department often needs to quickly organise replacement staff or mobilise an additional workforce for a project, Schrole Cover will be invaluable. We have extensive experience with industries including education, health, aged care, hospitality and more.

Best of all we've leveraged our experience to create ready to use templates with predefined job descriptions, preferences and escalation timings, so you can get started quickly and customise them to suit your individual needs.

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Primary School

  • Education Assistant
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Upper primary teacher

Secondary School

  • STEM teacher
  • Humanities teacher
  • Specialist teacher

Nursing Dept

  • Nurse manager
  • Registered nurse
  • Enrolled nurse


  • Chef
  • Cook
  • Kitchen hand


  • Supervisor
  • Office Cleaner
  • Heavy lifting

Aged care

  • Supervisor
  • Aged care nurse
  • Social worker

Leisure Centre

  • Supervisor
  • Lifeguard
  • Catering

How it works

Schrole Cover is easy to set up. You simply enter the details of your preferred casual staff and use the options to categorise them by job role. You create priority lists for each role. The candidates are invited to download the free app to make themselves available for casual work from your organisation.

1.Staff member calls to say they can’t come to work. Alternatively, the employee can use the app to list the vacancy themselves (if authorised)

2.Open the app. Select the job role, location and required time.

3.An alert notification goes to your preferred tier of casual staff. They have a set time to respond.

4.If your Group A people don’t respond in time, the notification goes to your 2nd preference group, and so on.


5.The first person to accept gets the job. Everyone else receives a notification to advise that the position is filled.

Cover yourself in glory

We understand that making change in a big organisation can be hard. Experience tells us the pain is worth it - existing Schrole Cover customers have created significant time and cost efficiencies for the businesses they work in. Sign up for a free trial and we’ll assist you with your change management process. And when everything goes smoothly, you’ll be the one covered in glory.

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